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We offer Business Process Outsourcing Solutions to our global clients by Leveraging process, Domain and People Management Expertise.Our BPO Service include-Finance & Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Transcription Services, Business Transcription, Customer Relationship Management, Leads Generation, Data Conversion Services, Form Processing, Legal Consulting Service.

We have dedicated resources that provide several levels of support efficiently and seamlessly to you and to your customers.

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Customers who donot pay their bill cost you money, no matter what industry you specialize in Utilities, Home Mortgage, Telecom, Insurance, Health Care, Auto Loans, Education Loans, Child Support and Bank and Credit Cards.

Customers who owe Money are taking away your Business or Organization of Cash Flow. If you are in Business, slow receivables mean reduced profit. You know that most Debtors respond better when contacted early and often in the Collection cycle.

If you had the space to bring in more people, the time to train them, and Supervisors to Capitalize on every opportunity to Motivate Payment, you would have already done so.

Just locating a debtor who has moved or supplied you with flawed Information can be a Challenge. Locating a Global Outsourcing Firm that measures up to your level of Service and Performance at a justifiable fee can be nearly impossible. Perhaps you select a Large Offshore Firm for their Performance and Price but have to Sacrifice Service.

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